Alsou Safina Biographia

Born 1983
Birth Place Republic of Tatarstan
Education Unknown
Number of Albums Unknown

Alsou (the real name is Safina Alsou Rafailovna) was born on the 27th of June, 1983, in Bugulma (Republic of Tatarstan). She is not a Russian, but a Tatar, and a Muslim. But she doesn't speak her own language. Just a few common phrases.

Alsou's father Ralif Safin is the first vice-president of the Lukoil company - the chief assistant of Alekperov himself. Alsou's mother - Raziya works in London.

In London, as above mentioned, Alsou lives with her brother (he studies banking management in London, earlier he studied in Geneva) and his wife Juliya Kulikova (she is from Russia).

When a producer heard a song Zimniy son for the first time, he realized that it should be sung by Alsou, that it was what they had been waiting for so long. The auther of the song Alexander Shevchenko composed it for himself, it was created for a male voice. But the persistent producer could persuade him.

It's worth saying that the videoclip was filmed at a place as fairy as the song itself - at the cottage of Ljubov Orlova and Grigorij Alexandrov near Moscow. The legendary couple loved the house and treated it tremblingly. Soon that real dream came true - a presentation of the young singer's first videoclip and of her debut song Zimniy son took place in the Moscow club Solaris.

Soon the young singer gave her first solo concert. It took place in December, 1999, in Zelenograd. 'The concert was a sell-out, these were ineffable feelings!'

Alsou belong to uncommon people: born in Tatarstan, she first lived in the North, then moved to England. Her musical preferences were formed on what is called their music. According to her performance, she sings in the Western way, and it suits her. At the end of 1999 our little pop star Alsou signed a contract with the largest record company Universal Music.

Soon Alsou went on tour for the first time with concerts in Riga (April, 8), Tallinn (April, 9) and in the St.Petersburg concert hall Oktjabrskiy (April, 10 and 11).

The representative of Russia at the 45th international TV music contest Eurovision-2000 has been recently chosen. The TV company ORT chose Alsou. The greatest success for Russia became a debut performance of Masha Katz (her stage name - Yudiph) in 1994, with her song Vechnyj Strannik she got 70 points and took the 9th place. The auther of the song - Andrew Lane - now permanently working with Alsou, composed a song Solo 14 years ago, when he was young. When Alsou who needed a song in English for the contest, searched his old works for it, she found the lyrics of the song which Andrew had forgotten long before. It seemed to her that the song was composed for a woman performance, and its lyrics meaning coincided with her own feelings, caused by love. Alsou won the second prize, although one counted on the 4th or 5th place at best.

In June, 2000, an agency Megapol planned Alsou's first large concert tour. June, 22 - Yaroslavl, June, 24 - Nizhniy Novgorod, June, 25 - Kazan, June, 27 - Bugulma, June, 29 - Ufa, July, 1 - Ust-Kamenogorsk, July, 3 - Tolyatti, July, 5 - Saratov, July, 7 - Volgograd, July, 10 - Rostov-na-Donu, July, 12 and 13 - Sochi. This tour was thoroughly prepared - beautiful decorations, powerful acoustical engineering, experienced assistents. Together with Alsou her mother, her college friends, the producer, Alexander Tsekalo (as a permanent scene-designer), Alexander Shevchenko and Vadim Baykov not only as the authers of the songs, but as a part of the concert program.

In one of the towns after the tenth song the prime-minister of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov came on the stage and officially announced that Alsou Safina was awarded with the Honored Artist of Tatarstan title. On her birthday Alsou was presented with a new rose car, a recently open supermarket and a petrol station were naturally called Alsou in honour of the singer. The head of Bugulma Nail Magdeev congratulated Alsou with the second prize at the prestigious song contest Eurovision-2000 in Stockholm on behalf of all the citizens and awarded her with the Bugulma Honorary Citizen title.