Leshchenko Lev Biography

Born 1942
Birth Place Moscow
Education GITIS
Number of Albums Unknown

Lev Leshchenko was born on the 1st of February 1942 in Moscow.

Lev Leshchenko started to earn his living as a stage worker in the State Academic Bolshoj Theatre (1960-1961) soon after he finished school. Then till the army draft he works as an adjuster at the precision measuring instrument factory (1960-1961).

September, 1964, Lev Leshchenko became a student of GITIS, having successfully passed his exams.

1969 became the year of turning from a student into an actor. Lev Leshchenko is competent member of Moscow operetta theatre. Here he played a lot of parts, but the singer Leshchenko, being aware of his musical gift, wants to get a real creative work. He got this opportunity on the 13th of February, 1970: having successfully gone through the contest, Leshchenko becomes a solo vocalist of the Gosteleradio USSR.

March, 1970 Lev Leshchenko becomes a prizewinner of the Fourth All-Soviet Union stage artists' contest. His popularity rises greatly.

1972, L. Leshchenko is awarded with the title of the Golden Orpheus contest's prizewinner in Bulgaria. In the same 1972 year he wins the first prize at the very prestigious at that time musical contest in Sopotnja with a song Za togo parnya.

The winning of the Sopotnja contest's first prize brought Lev Leshchenko into fashion, he becomes popular. 1973 Leshchenko was awarded with a title of Moscow Komsomol prize winner.

A new wave of popularity was brought to the singer by a song Den' Pobedy, composed by Kharitonov and Tikhmanov, that for the first time he sang at the 30 years' anniversary of the Victory and that he considers to be one of his main achievments. It was Lev Leshchenko who sang a lot of hits, which are classics of the home stage nowdays.

1977 the established maestro of the stage Leshchenko was awarded with the title Honored Artist of RSFSR, 1978 A. Pakhmutova presented to him the Leninskiy Lomsomol prize.

1980-1989 Lev Leshchenko continued giving concerts as the solo vocalist of the State concert touring Association RSFSR.

1980 he was awarded with the Friendship of Nations medal, 1984 - with the People’s Artist of RSFSR title for the prominent services , and in 1985 - with the Honorary Award.

1990 he established and took the lead of the stage performance theatre Muzykalnoye agentstvo, which in 1994 was given a state status. The main occupation of the theatre is arranging concerts, presentations, creative parties. Lev Leshchenko has been teaching at the Music Academy academy named after the Gnesins for more than 10 years. A lot of his students became popular stage artists, such as Marina Khlebnikova, Katya Lyel, Olga Arefyeva and many others. During the years of creative work a lot of Leshchenko's records, CDs and albums came into the world.

1999, Lev Leshchenko's star was established on the Star square of the state central concert hall Rossiya.

Leshchenko is keen on tennis, basketball, swimming. He is not only a sport fan, but goes in for sports as well.

His father - Leshchenko Valerian Andreevich (born in 1904) is a regular officer, fought under Moscow, was awarded with a lot of orders and medals for the Great Patriotic War and the following war service. His mother -

Leshchenko Klavdiya Petrovna (1915-1943). His wife - Leshchenko Irine (born in 1954) graduated from Budapest state university.